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Fishing Lead 2,8oz/80g – Safety Bolt Carp Rig Montage – Fishing Tackle


Heat shrink tube 1.7 mm – 50cm/20″
Fishing Lead – 80g/2,80z
Barrel bearing swivel solid rings – #4
Hair rig – Hook #4

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One of the most popular carp tackles for using a safe rig with anti-tangle tube.

This safety clip rig ejects the lead easily, should the main line break or snag up. The other bonus of this rig is that you can change the lead in seconds should you wish to.

The rig is very easy to set-up. Pass the main line through the rig tube, pointed end last. The end of the rig tube push the pointed end of the tube into the pointed end of a tail rubber. On most clips there is a retaining ridge that the swivel must ‘click’ past to ensure the lead is released, rather than have just the swivel being pulled out of the body of the clip. Then pull the tail rubber back off the sections of the lead clip to expose the tag of the lead clip.

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Excellent product for fishing! Great price!