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Fishing Floating Feeder

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Fishing Float-Feeder

Sport Fishing Feeders 15gr(empty) / 40gr(useful)
New float groundbait method.
Very strong and good quality.

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Highly effective for when carp are feeding up in the water, this float delivers a fine cloud of groundbait mix to sub-surface feeding carp driving them in to a feeding frenzy.
Primarily for surface or sub-surface feeding fish, such as carp.
The extreme buoyancy makes this feeder sit permanently on the top and also produces a self-hooking action as the fish swims off at speed. Groundbait disperses enticingly around the hook bait which is on a short link.
This is a running float on the main line. Just put one rig in the end with stopper(see pic) or directly with the swivel. It’s most effectivity to max. 50cm after the feeder.

Fishing Floating Feeder 3Mix well your fishing groundbait.
When it becomes sticky enough fill the fishing
feeder gently with the volume that you wish.

The successful match of fishing tackle, spring fishing feeders with sharp
fishing hooks and with the extremely strong fishing braids. Each hook is
double sticked. Excellent products for carp fishing. Our new fishing methods
are proven and give high results. We mainly offer handmade fishing tackles.


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Excellent product for Carp and other fishing! Great price!






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