2 Fishing Hair rig
2 Fishing Hair rig 32 Fishing Hair rig 22 Fishing Hair rig 4

2pcs Carp Hair Fishing Rig 20lb, Fishing Hooks #4 #6, Bait Terminal Tackle


2 Hair Rigs – 2 size

Quantity: 2
Material: Fishing Braid – 20 lb.
Colors: Gray
Hair Rig Length: ~20cm / 8″
Size Japan Hooks: 4, 6

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2 Hair Rigs – 2 size

Hair rigs have transformed the carp fishing scene being the most popular and successful type of rig to use when fishing for carp of all types and sizes.
This rig is an easy rig to tie up and offers secure bait and superb hooking capability to the carp fisherman. It is a rig that all carp fishermen should master because many of the more sophisticated and complicated carp rigs now in use are based upon the principle of the basic hair rig.

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Excellent product for fishing! Great price!