Float Fishing Montage treble triple 20g
small foam float triple rig 20-222small foam float rig 20-22222Boa catfish lead fishing triple rig 30g – 3

12″/30cm Triple Fishing Rig #2 Tip Up Leader Foam Float 20g – Pike, Catfish, Perch


12″/30cm Circle Fishing Rig Tip Up Leader Foam Float 20g – Pike, Catfish, Perch

Triple fishing hook – #2
Metal Rig – 0.30mm / 100lb / 20″ / 50cm
Running Float – 20g / 0.7oz

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Triple triple hook – #2
Metal Rope Rig – 0.30mm / 100lb / 12″ / 30cm
Running Float – 20g

small foam float triple rig 20-222

Fishing Float 5g(empty) / 20g(useful lead) New groundbait method. Very strong and good quality. Made in EU Set in the deep waters of the ups and downs of the bait for fishing fish floating in the middle of the water, such as bighead carp, silver carp and the like! Sensitivity is good, simple, convenient, economical and practical ..

This pike tackle have got the length and components just perfect for the modern pike angler, who demands strength, durability, and an easy-to-use set-up. In the set have Pike Snap Tackle with metal line and circle hook, running float and snap boom.

Basic rigs near to surface and end gear will increase your success rate in catching these fighting fishes.
Why use a float: Two reasons, control and indication.
As a fisher a float allows you to position the bait where you want it to be. It also acts as a buoyancy aid.
You can see where your bait is fishing and when a fish has taken it. Float fishing is one of the more sensitive methods of bite indication, also helps to avoid a fish taking the bait into the gut and getting hooked. Elfishes float is well and good but is still reliant on your rigs and methods to work successfully. The bait is free to move with the rig in a certain area, that you wish. The rig is quite simple,caught for a main line with swivel, held at the right depth with a bead and a stop knot. If your bait keeps rising to the surface you can add weight to it so it fishes at the right depth.


Excellent product for Carp and other fishing! Great price!







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