10 carp fishing feeder set and fishing hook 11
5 fishing feeder 25g 25 fishing feeder 15g -2head 13 spring fishing feeder 32

10 pcs Carp Spring Fishing Feeder Bait – 40 fishing hooks


10 pcs Carp Fishing Bait Feeder – 40 fishing hooks – fishing terminal tackle

25g / 0.88oz, 4 Carp Hooks – #2, Braid line – 50lb
15g / 0.5oz, 4 Carp Hooks – #6, Braid line – 30lb

This is a normal fishing feeder with set of 4 carp fishing hooks, but having the form of a spring, it does not permit the bait to fall easily in the water.

The size of the fishing hooks is not important here, but their number are the most important thing.

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This is a normal inline feeder, but having the form of a cask, it does not permit the bait to fall easily.
Ideally choose a specific Method Mix as these ground baits bind together well and will therefore stick to the frame of the feeder.

You’ll need to mix the ground bait with a little water then take a small handful and press it into the frame of the feeder. Then, using both hands, squeeze a little more ground bait around the frame so that it is completely hidden

5 fishing feeder 15g -2 5 fishing feeder 25g 2

15g / 0.5 oz
4 Carp Hooks – #6
Braid line – 30lb

25g / 0.88oz
4 Carp Hooks – #2
Braid line – 50lb

The bait is put on the hooks and after that they are left to hang down or they are stuck into the groundbait – see on the picture. It is hung on the main line and then it is thrown to the desired place. Along with the food the fish bites the hooks too.


Mix well your fishing groundbait.
When it becomes sticky enough fill the fishing
feeder gently with the volume that you wish.

The successful match of fishing tackle, spring fishing feeders with sharp
fishing hooks and with the extremely strong fishing braids. Each hook is
double sticked. Excellent products for carp fishing. Our new fishing methods
are proven and give high results. We mainly offer handmade fishing tackles.


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Excellent product for fishing! Great price!