25g – 0.88oz Spring Fishing Feeder

Carp Fishing Spring Feeder Lead 25g / 0.88oz Coarse Bait Fishing Tackle

This is a normal feeder, but having the form of a spring and have a sinker, it does not permit the bait to fall easily.
 The successful match of fishing tackle, spring fishing feeders. Excellent products for carp fishing. Our new fishing methods are proven and give high results. We mainly offer handmade fishing tackles.
Visit our auction and choose the most convenient product for you! Most of the items are offered as a complete product and could be used immediately. This is a big advantage comparing with the other fishing items offered on the market. Just hang the main fiber on your fishhook, put the bait and enjoy your fishing…. With the fishing tackles produced by Elfishes you save money and time for preparation. We have many years experience and we know what our customers need and how to catch the desired fishes. All products are available now and can be immediately delivered to you! Please, read CAREFULLY – we have described in details the possible ways of payment!
Excellent product for fishing! Great price!
Please, excuse us if there is some discrepancy between the item on the picture and what you have actually received. In this case, PLEASE contact us
immediately, we will fix the things, instead of giving us negative feedback straight away. We will do our best to be satisfied.


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